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Who We Are

Virton is IT outsourcing company, specialized in maintenance of hardware and software, design and networking, development of surveillance systems, and sale of office equipment.

We work closely with our partners, by offering innovative software solutions for many technology platforms. Collaboration with us will help you optimize your IT infrastructure in more dynamic and secure way.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of technical support and consulting services. The aim is to help you expand your business and reduce your costs.

  • Infrastructure set up of an existing network and advisory of potential threads and risk mitigation;
  • Installation of server solutions or client stations - operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Windows Server, Linux, Unix);
  • Installation of specialized software - ERP systems and database support - Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server;
  • Web pages development and hosting;
  • Installation and configuration of MS Active Directory - depending on the structure of your company, each user will have their rights;
  • Storage, backup your data - one of the most important stages in the security of your business;
  • Installation and configuration of client stations, network equipment and peripherals;
  • Configuration of Cloud services - Azure, AWS, GCP, Kubernetes;

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